Hanterhir have sort of existed since 2007. Ben was playing in a band called Takk with Jason on drums and former Hanterhir members Martyn Whitford and John Filbrook. Ben slowly began to hate Jason as two thirds of the gigs the band were offered were turned down because of Jason’s other bands and various commitments in life so decided that he was going to write and record some songs that anybody could  play along with if anybody wanted to join in and spent the next year or so writing the first Hanterhir songs and recording demos for them at Brendan McGreal’s Cornish Underground studio.

Now we’ve got to this point in the Hanterhir story it’s probably best to talk about where the name came from. Ben used to live in Northampton and the area of the town that was notorious for prostitution was called Semilong, when it came to naming the band, and having no band members to quarrel with about names, that was what the band was originally called, or more strictly speaking “Ben Harris’s Semilong”…when it actually came to playing the first gig on 11th July 2009 the name had morphed into a lazy Cornish language translation Hanter (meaning half) and Hir (meaning long).

So now we’ve got to the first gig at the former Gaslights venue in Redruth…No-one’s really sure who actually played, no-one really cares to be honest and anyway a band isn’t the sum of it’s members, or maybe it is, what do we know about music?