our hour  – (£10.00)

Did you know we’re fans of doing stupid things? We thought the obvious thing to do after releasing The Saving of Cadan was to release two albums on the same day. Our Hour is one of those two.

This album features Frances Bennett on fiddle, Becky Brown, Duncan Jewitt, Lucy Keast and Hayley Sanford on vocals, Trevor Kemp on guitar and Martyn Whitford and Matt Robbins on bass.

  1. Just the Way It Goes
  2. Little Black Cat
  3. Radio Song
  4. The Centre of All
  5. Better Man
  6. F Sharp
  7. Stay Down
  8. A New Horizon
  9. How Can You Explain Events Today?
  10. Soul Train
  11. Knots
  12. TLS
  13. Our Hour
  14. Jevan
  15. Om Gonfort

available from Easy Action Records

songs we learned in cornish  – (£10.00)

The second of the two albums in one day idiocy.

Pretty much all of our songs are based in Cornwall, this a collection of the “more Cornish” ones.

This album features Frances Bennett on fiddle, Rich Morris on vocals, Matt Robbins on bass, Emma Sampson on sax, Stephen Taylor on programming (does “on programming” make any sense?) and Martyn Whitford on bass.

  1. Kana Pubonan
  2. Tekka ha Hwekka
  3. Arloedhes A’n Lydn
  4. Dygoweth
  5. Om Gonfort Suite
  6. Plos Mis Du
  7. The Carn Marth Song
  8. Bytegnns Kothman
  9. Whatever Happened to Whitford?
  10. St Day Song
  11. Onan Dew Tri

available from Easy Action Records

the saving of cadan  – (£12.00/£25.00)

What’s the stupidest idea you can come up with? How about a Cornish/English rock opera? That’s not stupid enough is it? How about releasing it on 5 sides of vinyl? Now that’s getting there…

The culmination of 4 years writing and recording almost killed us. We lost all of the audio files a year and a half into it all, took on a new member in the form of Lou Macchi and somehow managed to write a story of two lovers across over 100 minutes of music.

The album features Trevor Kemp from Weazeldust on guitar and harmonica, Frances Bennett on fiddle and vocals and Mark Cragg on melodeon.

  1. Hello Sunshine
  2. Cadan
  3. Arloedthes a’n Lydn
  4. Hope Comes with Love
  5. Delivered Hope
  6. Song of The Lady
  7. Sorrow Goes
  8. Darallow
  9. Tonight
  10. Step Backwards
  11. The Fisherman
  12. The Dream
  13. The Sun Came Up Again
  14. The Light
  15. Alone Again
  16. Worlds Apart
  17. Morwenna and The Lamb
  18. Dygoweth
  19. Tales
  20. How It’s Always Been
  21. (untitled)

available from Easy Action Records

no title  – (Sold Out)

Whitford left us for real this time and we were left to stand on our own eight feet, Matt Robbins joined for a while and we started this recording at Cabin Fever with Hoby Allen.

Somewhere midway through the recording Matt left the band and Grant joined. Don’t ask us who plays bass where as that’s a secret only God knows the answer to.

  1. F#
  2. Victim
  3. Whatever Happened to Whitford?
  4. Jevan
  5. Better Days

gyjyoryon  – (Sold Out)

after recording agapus we spent about 2 years trying to record and mix. This is a compilation of rough mixes of the best parts of those two years, some original demos of songs that appeared on the first two albums and a handful of other songs that had fallen by the wayside at some point in time.

At some point during these recordings Whitford left the band and later rejoined so some of the songs feature Ross Kessell on bass as well as the Old Boy.

  1. How Can You Explain Events Today
  2. Kana Pubonan
  3. Do You Feel It’s Love?
  4. Honey Bees
  5. Better Man
  6. Missing You
  7. What’s There To Decide?
  8. Metronome Dilemma
  9. Tekka Ha Hwekka
  10. Takk In Dub
  11. St Day Song
  12. Slug Song
  13. Onan Dew Tri
  14. Om Gonfort
  15. Little Black Cat
  16. Keep Shining On
  17. Nadelik Lowen

agapus – (Sold Out)

by the time we’d finished recording and mixing the hanterhir mini album we’d written a full albums worth of songs so we decamped to Black and White again. This time we had amazing help from Hayley and Lucy from PunchJudy, Duncan from Bhodazaffa, Brendan McGreal from Animal i, Frances Bennett and Jud Vandy…we had a lot of fun.

  1. The Centre Of All
  2. Little Black Cat
  3. Stay Down
  4. TLS
  5. Plos Mis Du
  6. Weighed Time
  7. Metronome Dilemma
  8. Om Gonfort
  9. Soul Train
  10. Methodist Shout

hanterhir (Sold Out)

a few weeks after Peasy joined the band in late 2009 we went to Black and White Recording Studio in Redruth to record this mini album.

  1. Bytegns Kothman
  2. Our Hour
  3. Radio Song
  4. Knots
  5. A New Horizon
  6. Whatever Happened To Karl?
  7. The Carn Marth Song
  8. Just The Way It Goes