Grant’s Kitchen Table Ruminations

Well, here we are on the 27th December 2017, full of mince pies, Dundee cake and a cup of tea. Time for reflections and some form of run down.

Lou has decided to hitch along for the ride, and has the ability not to flinch at any of Jason’s antics or comments.

Mike is still in anger management classes and has come up with some rather interesting  chants, during practice.

We finished the rock opera currently set to be released in June 2018 by Easy Action Records at this present time. With six videos  finished at the moment.

Lots of fun times, happy road-trips and lovely local gigs. And new faces turning up all the time.

The next gig is at Carn Marth Ampitheatre on Saturday 24th February…we’re off to have a nap now…


We got shut down by the pigs man


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