We’ve had a rad June, played a bag load of gigs, each as important to us as the previous gig.

Tonight we play our final June gig at Charlies Bar in Redruth which is sort of a home gig for us. We’ve played there forever, and hope to keep playing there forever. We kept it a bit quiet because yesterday we had our first “next stage” gig…not that there’s ever a next stage and it’s all just evolution, but because we actually asked people to put their hands in their pockets and actually come support the band, and people came and we were happy.

So thank you to everyone who came, saw us and supported us at Finns, the Redwing Gallery, LETS Camp (hell that was drunken), the Golowan Mock Mayor (geez that was crazy), The Studio Bar (that’s always crazy), ParkLive and The Poly.

Have a photo we’ve stolen from Andrew Whetter…ssh…

ssh...don't tell Andrew

The Poly, Falmouth

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