original t-shirt – (SOLD OUT)
originalAfter the first few gigs we noticed that we’d have people come up to us after gigs and they’d be trying to buy things off of us. Ben noticed that Jason was always a good commodity to sell if we needed petrol money or whatever, but there’s only so many Jason’s you can sell. T-shirts seemed the next best thing so we got 20 of these bad boys in brown with a cream print.

owlman t-shirt – (£8.00)
owlmanben says he saw the owlman when he was younger. this is technically a full colour print on a grey t-shirt, although there aren’t many colours.

wrestling t-shirt – (8.00)
wrestling-tin case you need a bit of help with the translation, it’s “school of music and wrestling”, give or take… whoever in the band decided that the t-shirts should be orange should possibly be shot, the print is black, there’s only a few left and they’re all strange sizes, but if you want to look like a traffic cone, here’s your chance.

cave painting t-shirt – (£8.00)

This is the t-shirt that became a poster, that became a bass drum skin. All the symbols relate to aspects of the music of hanterhir and the personalities and spirituality of the members of the band…no…not really! They’re available in pretty much any colour you want and any colour print that you fancy, but as we’re all friends, we’d recommend black on black as that’s nice and tasteful.

cfap t-shirt – (£8.00)

cfapThis was the first time we did combined merchandise, the t-shirt is a rough approximation of the CFAP/untitled/Hanterhir 5-track CD , we still haven’t really worked out what it’s called.

devil t-shirt – (£8.00)

The Devil t-shirt –  pretty much available in any godawful colour you wanted to drape yourself in. This is taken from a photo of the band before a gig we did at the Union Chapel in London, we like how the lighting and shadows made us look different.

5 hares t-shirt – (£8.00)


The five hares represent Hanterhir at the time the t-shirt was made, read into it what you want, but we expect an amateur pyschologist would say “joined and sharing a commonality, but all heading in different directions”. This is a cream-ish t-shirt and a brown print, if you see any other colours, this is because Grant is a real maverick sometimes.


cockerel t-shirt – (£10.00)